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Alday-Donalson Staff Joins Universal


Alday-DonalsonAlday-Donalson was recently bought out by Universal Land Title Industry, which has in subsuming this agency become one of Florida’s largest title agencies. In a growing state known for frequent real estate transactions and, historically, a particularly robust housing market, growing to such a size is no small feat. However, Universal Land Title is able to rise to the occasion and provide the quality title that those in the closing and real estate industries have come to expect. They do so with the help of a larger staff.


Alday-Donalson had a good number of offices before its dissolution, and Universal Land Title now has a team that covers the state, from the Atlantic to the Gulf and everything north and in between. By having a high concentration of offices, it is better able to provide its services to professionals located all over the state—even in smaller counties.


Alday-Donalson was based out of Tampa, and now that it has merged into Universal its staff will continue providing a robust selection of services throughout the state of Florida. Universal Land Title’s expert closing teams can handle any closing, from basic residential transactions to complicated commercial transactions. The breadth of their expertise has made them a favored choice among real estate agents and other closing professionals in the state.


Alday-Donalson is no more, but Universal Land Title can boast a qualification that not many title agencies can claim nowadays: it produces all of its title work in-house and not overseas. While many agencies prefer to outsource their title work, the managers at ULT have found that they produce title faster and with fewer errors and that are able to work with an increased level of oversight when their title searches are conducted in the state.


Alday-Donalson may no longer be in business, but its staff is still working hard at a different company and providing top-notch title to those performing real estate transactions. To learn more about Universal Land Title, visit their website at


Alday-Donalson is one of the recent emergent in the group of Title industries. The company specializes in various fields, which include real estate transactions, commercial transactions and other financial transaction. Its recent venture involves entry as Title Insurance Consulting Firm.The company was bought by Universal Land Title industry, a prominent Management Consulting Firm. The company has captured a decent amount of the robust housing market. Keeping the acquired clients in mind, the company believes to make a profit in title insurance market.After the acquisition by Universal industry, Alday-Donalson is known to have increased number of offices. The offices now spread from the Atlantic to the gulf engulfing many places in between. Owing to the Universal Land title company, Alday-Donalson has taken the form of  Six Sigma Company.Unlike other companies, the company does all its work in-house. The firm has the vision to be the Business Leader in consulting industry.  It continues to have hardworking and diligent staff and still boasts about it. Alday-Donalson along with Universal Land Title industry has emerged as a renowned marketing consultant within the last few years.




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